Tuesday, January 15, 2008


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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Janelle is back, Dani New Veto Queen

Tonight on Big Brother 8, Janelle (America's favorite houseguest ever) was back. She seemed rather Chenbotish while reading the hosting sheet, and basically stood there and cheered everyone. It was fun to see her back in the game, but she really didn't have that much 'normal' interaction with the HGs. It would have been more fun if she could have talked and mingled with them like Neil Patrick Harris did last season.

The show showcased Jessica being mad at Eric most of the time. She basically sat in bed and whined the whole time after Eric didn't win the PoV 'for her'. Jameka on the other hand wasn't shown that much other then saying she wanted the veto in the beginning.

Eric was shown probably the most this episode other than Dick and how he was in love with Janelle. They showed Eric upset over the PoV and being upset over basically Jessica just being on the block. It seems like being America's player is really getting to him, but he got a chance for some fun when he got to mimic Dick. It was fun to watch, at first, but then it got old. Put another check mark next to his name, he's that much richer.

So it came down to the veto and of course Dani didn't use it. She didn't want to anger Eric or whatever, it would have been more interesting if she did use it.

Now its up to America in a way to control Eric's vote. I don't really want Jess to go, but I think it would be SO crazy if Eric had to vote for her. Everyone send a text to 81818 w/ the #2; just to cause some fun and be evil to Eric. We need some craziness in the already crazy double eviction night!

Is Reality TV Dead? (I think not!)

I know a lot of people have been saying that Reality TV is dieing. I in fact disagree and see a very different idea. I think the face of TV as we know it is changing. People aren't watching as much TV as they used too and it isn't just affect Reality TV. In the summer we all spend most of our time outdoors, so its hard to always catch your favorite shows. The ratings system isn't fully taking into account the TIVOs and DVD Recorders that people are using. It's convenient for us but the networks I'm sure hate it. Another thing affecting ratings are online watchers. It is a great idea to allow people free access to their favorite shows by putting them online for free, but of course that also hurts the ratings.

Many shows have failed over the past several years. But look at comedies for instance. How many comedies are there on TV and how many fail each and every year? Of course if you put too many out there, some are going to fail as people will gravitate more to some more then others. It is the same thing that is happening to Reality TV. Each and every show isn't going to be a hit, and the few that are really are holding the genre together well. The Real World is going on season 20 and Survivor will be airing season 15. That's an amazing feat for any show, Reality or not. How many drama or comedy shows have hit that point? Not that many, and it's showing Reality TV is here and will stay for a very long time. The online community has done well to push for Reality TV to stay and I think if we want Realtiy to remain, the online community must continue to embrace it.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Paradise Hotel Rehash on Fox Reality

Paradise Hotel aired a long time ago and is still one of the most dramatic and explosive reality shows out there. Fox Reality is having a marathon of the first Paradise Hotel season and is airing the remainder of it today.

If you've never caught the show today now is when it really gets good, so check it out. Plus they are having a brand new season coming in January so its a good review of what is hopefully to come!

Reality Rehashed is Here!

I'm back! I've converted to Blogger and the Rehash is BACK for another fun ride! We will be back stronger and better then before, with the latest news and updates from your favorite reality show, so stop on by everyday to see what we can dig up for you! Here are some features you can look forward too:

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Stay tuned because the new Reality season is just beginning!